Saturday, April 12, 2008
Fuck the Pope!!

I dont mean that literally, I do not want to fuck the pope. Not that I think he'd mind. I say 'fuck the pope' as in I have zero respect for this dude. What this guy did when he was the cardinal, was write a letter to parishes saying that they should hide any evidence of sexual abuse for up to 10 years after the victims turned 18 and that the "church can claim jurisdiction in cases where abuse has been perpetrated with a minor by a cleric." Thats basically the papal equivalent of "stop snitching" and "fuck tha police!" This would all be a lot more humorous if we weren't talking about little boys being raped.

This man aided and abetted child rapists (catholic priests) who were responsible for committing sex crimes against hundreds of defenseless children. I mean, there is crime, and then there is the raping of little kids, the absolute lowest most egregious crime there is, bar none. In prison, do you know what happens to child rapists? Yeah, we all know what happens, and it aint pretty, but what does this tell you? It tells you that murderers, drug dealers and rapists (of adults), who obviously have very little value for human life themselves, are offended and appalled at a crime as heinous as the sexual exploitation of little kids. What I'm trying to say is that, when you have offended these people's sensibilities, you've really accomplished something.

As a result of the pope's efforts, nearly none of these scum were brought to justice and instead the church spent 615 million dollars to deal with the 'problem' of priests touching boys. Oh, and the criminal mastermind behind it all, becomes your new pope. Bill Maher made a dope point about this which I will put into my own words: If Obama should've left his church for remarks that offended [white] people, certainly the Catholic church ought to have empty pews for using the church like a NAMBLA dating service.

In the New York Times' article on the pope entitled "Hard liner with a soft touch reaches out," its interesting that in spite of the unintentional comedy of the title, there is little mention of the sex abuse scandal and no mention of the Pope's, quite serious involvement in a cover up. As a young radical, I was trained to see the media as an idealogical tool of the ruling class, so their lies to to protect the powerful are no surprise to me, its what they do. I just wanted to pile on to the list of reasons why they are full of shit, as some of my favorite bloggers have.

The fact that people are bound to hate me for writing this, and are bound to never utter a critical word about 'his holiness,' is one more reason why I hate religion. Fuck your religion, fuck your pope and fuck you! And try to make sure your priest doesn't fuck your children.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
makes sense!!!

Anonymous ShoNufDed said...
The Good Shepherd lay down his life for the sheep, not lay with the sheep.

Some serious retraining is needed post-haste.

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