Tuesday, April 22, 2008
If I Ruled the World: Snoop would be 'retired'
In an interview with the guardian Snoop Dogg, once again reminded me why the mere mention of his name upsets my mood. I applaud the reporter, who is a Jewish woman btw, for her presence of mind on a point that the mainstream media often misses:
Taking women dressed in diamond collars and leads down the red carpet at awards shows has been labelled hip-hop behaviour, when it's really just recycled blaxploitation imagery and misogynist buffoonery - to say nothing of Snoop's other confused political views.

What confused politcal views you ask?

The KKK gave Obama money...They was one of his biggest supporters. Why wouldn't they be? The media won't tell you that. They don't want you to know that. They just want you to know that this nigga befriended this other nigga who be threatening your values. But we all know all presidents lie to get into fucking office. That's they job.

I started to say, see THIS is why white people say the racist-and then I caught myself. This is fodder for the racists, but truthfully they didn't need it. White supremacy was clicking on all cylinders well before we had any negro entertainers whoring themselves for corporations that are ostensibly in the business of making music. However, it is no less true that in a racist society, when one negro does or says some incredibly stupid shit, his foolishness serves to tarnish (even in some small way) all of us. It still pains me to hear this negro talk about anything. Why wont he just fade into the fucking sunset? Or into the actual sun? Instead he says this about Clinton:
He was closest we gonna get to the first black president. He related to black needs and black values, black understanding and racism. He from Little Rock, Arkansas. That's a black-dominated world. He was part of us. That's why every day was happy when he was in office. It was just the funnest time in the world. Everything worked.

WTF is he talking about?!?!? Little Rock is a black dominated world? Bill Clinton is in tune with black understanding and racism? Well, actually he's halfway right on that one, Bill is in tune with racism, just not in the way Snoop meant it. I wish I were there to remind this simple ass negro that he was on trial for murder in 1993 during Bill Clinton's first term, which, i remember to not be the funniest time in the world for him; but I suppose it wouldn't matter. I'm speaking in terms of logic and he's speaking his native toungue: coonise. We simply wouldn't be communicating.

If I ruled the world I would have retired this brother a long long time ago, mafia style. I'd make him an offer he couldn't refuse. No more music, no more videos, no more TV shows, and certainly no more interviews, or you'll do no more breathing. At least in the music there is often a layer of protection between the public and Snoop's 'thoughts' on issues, but in interviews, it is raw unadulterated coonousity (couldn't resist one more conjugation of the word coon). The time and resources spent interviewing him could be better spent interviewing me, or any number of my friends/bloggers, OR doing nothing at all!!

To be fair, Snoop does do some positive things in the community, and I for one, recognized his song, Vatos, as an important attempt to heal the often deadly Black-Mexican relations in LA; BUT, its not enough. When Snoop promotes, misogny, debauchery, gang culture and other random acts of coonery on a global stage, it does far more damage than a kiddie footbal league, or 1 song about black-brown unity could ever undo. If I ruled the world, Snoop would be at home with his wife and kids, and not in the public eye influencing youth, or convincing casual racists that they have a point.

Of course I could just finish my own damn album before I'm 60 and irrelevant, and counteract much of this Hip Hop foolishness by showcasing my own brilliance on the mic. As a matter of fact, while I wait for you all to make me ruler of the word, I think I'll do that.

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Anonymous StillaPanther2 said...
Brother Kai, I read that he does not allow his children to connect with his music...you will never be able to communicate with someone who has disconnected with his soul. May be the question is how in the hell we have allowed our cultural message be sent out by this/these people that have little or no care for our children?

Blogger Kai said...
"how in the hell we have allowed our cultural message be sent out by this/these people that have little or no care for our children?"

Because our cultural message is delovered through an artform that is wholly controlled by corporations and individuals who have no vested interest in our community beyond that which can make them a buck.

Blogger ZACK said...
I like your comments on Field Negro, and I'm glad that stillapanther2 gave the heads up on your gender. ;)

This is a good post. I think you are coming a little hard at Snoop, but who knows- he might be right. We don't know about all the money that Obama has received- that's Hillary's job to dig up before July. And I bet you that she will.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I have no respect and I choose not to acknowledge these clowns ...You mirror my thougts ,there is only disgust and contempt I hold for people like him

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