Friday, April 25, 2008
Sean Bell Verdict: What 31 shots looks like
I cant begin to describe how this makes me feel. I'm gonna get into the details of this whole incomprehensible situation later, but I wanna put this out there first. Michael Oliver, pictured above, fired 31 shots. That means he emptied his clip, dropped the magazine, loaded another clip and emptied that full clip too!! Is that not enough time to figure out that no one is shooting at you? Heres the reenactment that was used in the trial. A jury would have convicted these cops for something, thats why they opted not to have one. I literally was screaming at my screen when I watched this: "THIS IS FUCKING CRAZY!!!"

Answer one question after watching this.
Between the first shot and the last, was there a chance to realize that NOBODY IS SHOOTING BACK?

Update added on April 29:

This is what the man in the above video testified to in court.
"My finger was getting worn out," said Alexander Jason, who was put on the stand to counter accusations the cops were trigger-happy. "It took a lot of effort to pull that trigger."

Jason, who tested the weapons that killed Bell, said triggers on NYPD weapons are calibrated to make them harder to pull - and thus avoid accidentally spraying dozens of bullets at a target.

"Each time you fired your weapon, you had to do so of your own volition?" prosecutor Peter Reese asked. "You had to squeeze a trigger each time."

"The gun performance doesn't change," Jason answered. "But my finger performance was changing."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Incredible. And look at that smug fuck, he knew he was getting off all along!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hurts my heart to watch that video .In the worst way I can envision a relative stumbling upon similar circumstances

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