Wednesday, April 16, 2008
Uncle Killa

This short film is an adaptation of a feature length sceenplay I'm still working on. It was adapted by my fellow Hampton University Alum, and Columbia film school student, William T. Sutphin. Google Video link here, please rate and post comments.
This 15 minute film, follows 'Kai' who comes home from prison and tries to get his nephews life on the right track, while struggling with his own.
Based on a story written by Kai Pettaway.
Adapted by William Sutphin and Kai Pettaway.
Produced & Directed by William Sutphin
BTW, yes my name is Kai, no I am not in the film, and no this is not a film about my life. Enjoy.

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Anonymous ShoNufDed said...
This film moves alone the sharp precipice of life with an authentic dynamic: the lives of each of the main characters are so interwoven that if one falls they all fall.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I loved the film.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
i love the film will there be more?

Blogger Kai said...
Thanks for the support people! :)T here will be more, this is a small part of a film I am writing. The film I am writing is much larger in scope than this short is. This short was actually just a sup-plot of the movie I'm working on.

And remember this was adapted fora 14 minute movie, so some things were added/changed, but when/if the screenplay I'm working on ever becomes a film, you wont remember this short by then anyway. :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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