Sunday, June 22, 2008
American Gangsters

No, not Frank Lucas, and not some young black man who wears his pants below his boxers. These are the real American gangsters, the elite corporate business men who, in this case, sit on the board of directors, of the world's richest, most powerful corporation ExxonMobil. These men make decisions that affect our lives, you will respect their gangster. If you ever doubted that the Iraq war was a war for oil, the following is either the smoking gun, or another really crazy coincidence (depending on how many functioning brain cells you have):
Four Western oil companies are in the final stages of negotiations this month on contracts that will return them to Iraq, 36 years after losing their oil concession to nationalization as Saddam Hussein rose to power… Exxon Mobil, Shell, Total and BP — the original partners in the Iraq Petroleum Company — along with Chevron and a number of smaller oil companies, are in talks with Iraq’s Oil Ministry for no-bid contracts to service Iraq’s largest fields.

And this:

There was suspicion among many in the Arab world and among parts of the American public that the United States had gone to war in Iraq precisely to secure the oil wealth these contracts seek to extract. The Bush administration has said that the war was necessary to combat terrorism. It is not clear what role the United States played in awarding the contracts; there are still American advisers to Iraq’s Oil Ministry.

You’ve got to love the detached way the New York Times reports this, and by detached I mean, from reality. It wasn’t only in the Arab world, and in any event, the biggest anti-war protests in the history of the world should not be characterized as 'suspicion' in the first place. Protesters had a very clear understanding that the war against Iraq was a transparent move by the US ruling class to gain control of the world’s 2nd largest oil reserves, and history has proven us (I was there) correct.

This is what the war costs:

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Who Pays?
The American Working Class finances the war with their tax dollars or 'Public Money"
The American & Iraqi working class with their lives.
Who Profits?
Private Corporations, most notably, ExxonMobil and Haliburton; with no-bid contracts just because they got it like that. So much for the competition you read about in economics class.

Capitalism is Organized Crime.

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Blogger Don said...

Definitely the real gangsters. And we will respect their gangster, by choice or by force.

Enjoyed the read.

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